It is a sheer fabric and light in weight.

Care instructions:

  • Hand washing in light detergent solution and lukewarm or cold water should be just fine.
  • Make it quick, don’t soak, as it might reshape the sash.
  • Don’t wring, but roll it up nicely and press. The sashes are all of pretty light material so it won’t absorb much water anyway.
  • Don’t use bleach.


It is cool, soft, durable and comfortable. It wrinkles easily.

Care instructions:

Machine washable and it can be ironed at relatively high temperatures.


It has lightweight and absorbent. It wrinkles easily.

Care instructions:

Hand wash or dry clean.


It is known for its smoothness.

Care instructions:

  • Hand washing and machine wash are preferred. Don’t wring.
  • Dry the satin fabric until a faint trace of moisture remains, and then gently iron the satin turned inside out with the iron set to light.
  • Avoid leaving the iron on any fabric area for too long.


It is known for its versatility, softness, and comfort. It can be weakened by sunlight and perspiration.

Care instructions:

  • Depending on how silk has been treated it may need to be dry cleaned, hand washed, or may be machine washable.
  • It may turn yellow and fade with the use of a high iron setting. A press cloth (a cloth used between an iron and a garment,) and a steam iron is recommended.


Velvet is durable, thick, plush, and warm. It has a short fuzzy surface and drapes well.

Care instructions:

  • Velvet can be made from many different fabrics; review the care instructions that correspond to each velvet garment.
  • Some velvet is machine washable, but many require dry cleaning.